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From the Desk of Managing Trustee

Founder & Ex Medical Director Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhaya MD, DNB, DCH (Medical & Haemato-Oncologist) (1963-2020) of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital (est in the year 2004 ), completed his extensive training and fellowship of four & half years at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai. He then returned to his hometown, Kolkata,with the conviction to make available similar superior facilities and medical provisions to one and all across all economic stratas of the society in cancer treatment.Dr.Mukhopadhyay's robust vision was to bring quality cancer care to common people at an aordable cost and to develop a comprehensive cancer care unit under one roof with world class equipments, machineries, instruments and above all, a human touch. Among Dr.Mukhopadhyay's patients and employees, his name became synonymous with dedication, sacrifice and devotion. His work in treating cancer patients had become his religion and his institution remains true to his values. His untiring hardwork and unfailing dedication gave him a divine aura in the eyes of his patients. He began his legacy in a rented building in Park Street. His sheer grit and passion enabled him to overcome all hurdles and make his dream come true in the year 2018 when he inaugurated his 150 bedded hospital with all ultra-modern facilities for cancer treatment under one roof at Nayabad. The institution has adopted and internalised his ideology and constantly translating his dreams into reality.

About Hospital

Under the guidance of Founder & Medical Director Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhyay, our hospital has started its journey since 2004 with all types of cancer treatment and therapies. Its mission is to cater to the poor and middle class cancer patients with world class and all modern facilities at an affordable cost in a professional and compassionate manner. The hospital renders therapeutic service for all types of cancer and blood disorders. it has a well-equipped and modern cancer diagnostics unit and a well equipped Nuclear Medicine department. The hospital also conducts research in the fields of Molecular Biology, Stem cell Biology, Cancer Biology and Haematology. It is recognised by SIRO (Govt. Of India). Now a days we are running a 150 bedded cancer hospital catering to all economic classes of West Bengal as well as other states of Eastern India and Bangladesh.

Why Choose NSCRI?

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital specializes in different services related to cancer treatment. The hospital renders therapeutic Service for all types of cancer and blood disorders, have a well-equipped and modern cancer diagnostics unit, Nuclear Medicine and also conducts research in the fields of Molecular Biology, Stem cell Biology and Biochemistry. It is recognized by SIRO (Govt. Of India).

The state-of-the-art facilities of the hospital are:
  • Medical Oncology

    Under guidance of trained doctors from TMH this division have all modern chemotherapies and well-equipped day-care ward.

  • Surgical Oncology

    Equipped with an integrated surgical suite comprising of 3 specialized operation theatres, 1 operation theatre for delivery of brachytherapy & a state-of-the-art CSSD. All modern HIPEC and PIPAC procedures are introduced for better treatment and therapy.

  • Radiation Oncology

    High end Linear Accelerator by ELEKTA treatment Unit facilitates the administration of high precision radiation therapy targeted at the cancer bearing tissues with minimal collateral damage to adjoining healthy tissues reducing the potential side-effects of radiation.

  • Nuclear Medicine

    Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine involves the use of radioactive isotopes administered to the patient for the treatment of cancer or control of cancer symptoms.

NSCRI Health Video Library

Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhyay sharing his views on Cancer awareness

In memory of our beloved Founder and
Medical Director Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhyay 
On his 59th Birth anniversary our heartiest regards. 
We are following in your footsteps…. 
Always shower your blessings on us


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নামমাত্র খরচে ক্যান্সার সারানোর স্বপ্ন দেখতেন ডাঃ আশিস মুখোপাধ্যায়

২০১৮-র জুলাই-আগস্ট। শরীর জানান দিচ্ছে গোলমাল ঘটে গিয়েছে ভিতরে ভিতরে অনেকটাই। তবু নাছোড় তিনি। সকাল থেকে রাত পড়ে আছেন হাসপাতালে। স্ত্রী জানতে চাইছেন, শরীরের এই অবস্থায় এত দৌড়াদৌড়ি ঠিক হচ্ছে? নির্বিকার মুখে হাসি রেখেই মৃত্যুকে পাশ কাটিয়ে হাসপাতাল-ঘর করে চলেছেন। জ্বর এলেও গাড়িতে শুয়েই পৌঁছে যাচ্ছেন হাসপাতালতাঁ.

সার্ভাইক্যাল ক্যান্সার প্রতিরোধ

ইউটেরাসের মুখের অংশকে বলে সার্ভিক্স। এই অংশটি ইউটেরাসের সঙ্গে ভ্যাজাইনার সংয�োগ স্থাপন করে। এই সার্ভিক্সের কোষের ক্যান্সারকে বলে সার্ভাইক্যাল ক্যান্সার। ভারতীয় মহিলাদের মধ্যে ক্যান্সার আক্রান্তের সংখ্যার নিরিখে দ্বিতীয় স্থানেই রয়েছে সার্ভাইক্যাল ক্যান্সারের স্থান। প্রথম স্থানে আছে ব্রেস্ট ক্যান্সার।

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer is the uncontrolled and ungraceful development of body cells which attack encompassing typical tissues and may spread to inaccessible organs if not checked in time.
Cancer is brought about by damage to the DNA (hereditary material) inside our cells. Damage to the DNA occurs in every single typical cell, yet most of this damage is fixed by our own body. At times this damage isn't fixed appropriately, which can prompt changes in the properties of the cell (for instance cells may gain the capacity to develop and partition quickly). Amassed DNA damage can in the long run lead to cancer.
Cancer growth can influence truly fit people just as people in unexpected weakness. Individuals who are immunocompromised (for example people tainted with HIV, or on immunosuppressive treatment) have an expanded danger of building up particular sorts of cancer growths. Nonetheless, most cancer growths are brought about by a mix of components that may incorporate tobacco use, liquor use, your hereditary cosmetics, terrible eating routine, physical inertia, being overweight, and introduction to synthetic substances.

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