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Research & Development

The Molecular Biology Department of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose cancer Research Institute) undertakes biological research with the following broad objectives:

  • Understanding the genetic and transcriptomic basis of cancers.

  • Therapeutic intervention using phytochemicals and their translational development as anti-cancer drugs.

Ongoing Govt. funded projects:

  • Ex – vivo Drug Sensitivity in Breast Cancer Stem cells (BCSs): an Implication for therapy for Treatment Failure Cases in Breast Cancer (ICMR)
    Both fundamental and applied research involving medicinal plants has immense pharmacological significance, especially in the context of challenges associated with conventional chemotherapeutic medicines. This projecthighlights alternative therapeutic strategies in breast cancer and analyses their efficacy in ex-vivo cultured breast cancer stem cells. The project aims to generate knowhow regarding the application of phytomedicines in combination with conventional drugs towards management of treatment resistant breast carcinoma and associated inflammation.

  • A comparative analysis of sporadic young onset and late onset rectal cancer from eastern India: miRNA profile of rectal tumours negative for canonical disease markers (DST-SERB), While increased monitoring and awareness have contributed to a decrease in colorectal cancer (CRC) among the elderly, lifestyle and dietary changes have led to an increase in CRC among young adults (<45 years old). The molecular reason behind this is still unknown. Our project aims to compare the molecular subtypes of various sporadic colorectal tumours collected from an Eastern India cohort with respect to common genetic aberrations associated with classical CRC progression. miRNA profiles of tumours lacking in common genetic aberrations will be studied further to understand the deregulation involved in their oncogenesis.

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