Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine at best cancer hospital in kolkata

Nuclear Medicine

The Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine involves the use of radioactive isotopes administered to the patient for the treatment of cancer or control of cancer symptoms.
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital have most sophisticated Nuclear Medicine Department to provide all kind of Nuclear Medicine facilities under one roof to the common people at an affordable cost.

  • The mainstay of Nuclear imaging at NCRI is its state of art PET-CT Scanner (DISCOVERY) from GE . This is one of the finest PET-CT Scanner in the world for its most sophisticated hardware coupled with outstanding software. Positron emitted tomography (PET) involves molecular imaging with positron emitting radionuclides is playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and staging of malignant diseases and monitoring response to therapy . Cancer cells require a great deal of sugar or glucose to have enough to grow. PET scanning utilizes a radioactive molecule that is similar to glucose called FLUORO DEOXY GLUCOSE (FDG), FDG accumulates with malignant cellsbecause of their high rate of glucose metabolism. The CT option makes it possible to produce fusion imaging as CT gives superior anatomical details.

  • Dual head gamma camera required for functional imaging. It is used for Bone Scan for determination of Bone metastasis and primary bone tumour, Renal Scan used to detect obstructive uropathy, GFR etc. I-131 Whole body scan for detection of metastasis due to thyroid cancer.

  • High Dose I-131 THERAPY unit with two isolation room for cases of thyroid cancer (post surgery)

  • We have low dose I-131 facility also.


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