Interventional Radiology

Intervention radiology at best cancer hospital in kolkata

Interventional Radiology

Most interventional radiology procedures for cancer require a small incision the size of a pinhole, which reduces pain and your risk for complication in patients. Compared to traditional cancer treatments involving chemotherapy, open surgery, or radiation, interventional radiology also allows for a quicker recovery, as most procedures can be completed in one day. Many patients are discharged the same day of their procedure within 24 hours, getting them back to the life and activities they love faster.

From performing biopsies for cancer diagnosis to alleviating pain and other symptoms through therapeutic procedures, our Interventional Radiology Unit can address a variety of cancer conditions that may have required surgery in the past.

We use Interventional Radiology to reduce or eliminate tumors using radioactive particles, heat, cold, and electric current while minimizing the impact on the surrounding healthy organs. In addition to treating tumors, our compassionate team also work closely with oncologists and surgeons to help minimize discomfort and dramatically improve the quality of life for palliative care patients.

The Interventional Radiology procedure offers the most in-depth knowledge of the minimally invasive treatments available using needles, wires and catheters to deliver treatments through a pinhole with minimum morbidity and less recovery time compared to conventional surgical procedures. The Interventional radiologists use X-Ray, CT and other imaging to advance instruments in the body, such as in an artery to treat the disease at the source. Many conditions that once required surgery can be treated less invasively by Interventional radiologists. These treatments offer less risk, less pain and less recovery time compared to open surgery.

At NCRI we do the following procedures in our modernised mini cath lab 
Biliary Drainage - PTBD (with Metal Stenting) 
PICC Catherisation 
Ascitic Tap Fine-needle aspiration (FNAC) 
Core Needle Biopsy
 Image Guided Biopsy
 Chemo Embolization 
Bleeding Vessel Embolization
IVC Filter For AC progressive DVT.
IVC/SVC stenting
Chemoport Insertion 
Pleural Aspiration & Drainage
Radiofrequency & microwave Ablation 
Pigtail Drainage
TACE (Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization)

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