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Blood Bank

The Blood Bank remains open round-the-clock on all days and is able to meet the emergency needs of the hospital. There are Blood Component Separation Unit for supplying different components of the blood viz. concentrated RBC, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet concentrate, RDP, SDP etc. Here the Plasma Exchange Therapies are executed in different disorders.

It has become an essential criteria nowadays to supply blood components for safe blood transfusion and also for fulfilling the exact and specific needs of large number of patients requiring transfusion.

Following facilities are available for patients and donors-

  • Blood donation in a congenial environment with facility of post-donation counselling.

  • Availability of blood donor registry for both positive & negative group patients.

  • Dedicated, regular Quality assurance program ensuring quality, adequacy & safety of blood transfusion.

  • Transfusion management for different type of oncological and haematological disorder patients.

  • Specialized blood and blood components for paediatric transfusion.

  • Dedicated thalassemia clinic.

  • Consultancy by Transfusion specialist.

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