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Dr. Sudarshana Basu

Ph.D. Doctorate (Jadavpur University) (Senior Scientist)



1.  Nandi SK, Basu S, Bhattacharjya A, Dey Ghosh R, Bose CK, Mukhopadhyay S, Bhattacharya R*. Interplay of gut microbiome, fatty acids, and the endocannabinoid system in regulating development, progression, immunomodulation, and chemoresistance of cancer. Nutrition. 2022; 103-104:111787. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2022.111787. (*: correspondence)


2.  Deregulation of the CD44-NANOG-MDR1 associated chemoresistance pathways of breast cancer stem cells potentiates the anti-cancer effect of Kaempferol in synergism with Verapamil.

Nandi Sourav K., Roychowdhury Tanaya, Chattopadhyay Samit, Basu Sudarshana, Chatterjee Krishti, Choudhury Pritha, Banerjee Nirmalya, Saha Prosenjit, Mukhopadhyay Soma, Mukhopadhyay Ashis, Bhattacharya Rittwika.

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 2022 Jan 18; 437: 115887. PMID: 35063459.


3.  Inhibition of extracellular vesicle-associated MMP2 abrogates intercellular hepatic miR-122 transfer to liver macrophages and curtails inflammation

Das Arnab, Basu Sudarshana (First Author), Bandyopadhyay Diptankar, Mukherjee Kamalika, Datta Debduti, Chakraborty Sreemoyee, Jana Sayantan, Adak Moumita, Bose Sarpita, Chakrabarti Saikat, Swarnakar Snehasikta, Chakrabarti Partha, and Bhattacharyya Suvendra N.

iScience. 2021 Nov 11;24(12):103428. PMID: 34877493.


4.  Deregulated molecular genetic pathways in urinary bladder cancer with the importance of                  molecular biomarkers in diagnosis and follow-up- A comprehensive and updated review

Basu Sudarshana (Corresponding Author), Banerjee Nirmalya, Nandi Sourav K., Das Soumen, Parmar Kalpesh, Mukhopadhyay Soma.

Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences. 2021; 11(3):96-111.


5.  Insulin like growth factor-1 prevents miR-122 production in neighbouring cells to curtail its intercellular transfer and to ensure proliferation of human hepatoma cells

Basu Sudarshana and Bhattacharyya Suvendra N.   Nucleic Acids Res. 2014;42 (11):7170-85. PMID: 24813441.


6.  Proton-guided movements of tRNA within the Leishmania mitochondrial RNA import complex

Basu Sudarshana, Mukherjee Saikat, Adhya Samit.

Nucleic Acids Research, 2008 March 36(5):1599-609. PMID: 18250088.


7.  Necessary and sufficient factors for the import of transfer RNA into the kinetoplast mitochondrion

Mukherjee Saikat, Basu Sudarshana, Home Pratik, Dhar Gunjan, Adhya Samit.

EMBO Reports, 2007 Jun; 8(6): 589-95. PMID: 17510656.


8.   Allosteric regulation of tRNA import: interactions between tRNA domains at the inner membrane of Leishmania mitochondria

Goswami Srikanta, Chatterjee Saibal, Bhattacharyya Suvendra Nath, Basu Sudarshana,

Adhya Samit.

Nucleic Acids Research, 2003 Oct 1; 31(19):5552-9. PMID: 14500817.


9.   Mitochondrial differentiation in kinetoplastid protozoa: a plethora of RNA controls.

Adhya Samit, Basu Sudarshana, Bhattacharyya Suvendra N., Chatterjee Saibal, Dhar     Gunjan,   Goswami Srikanta, Ghosh Sanjay, Home Pratik, Mahata Bidesh, Tripathi Gayatri.

Differentiation. 2003 Dec; 71(9-10):549-56. PMID: 14686952.


Book Chapter

  1.  "Modulation of Host Cell miRNA Expression During Leishmania Infection and Emergence of   miRNA as a New Therapeutic Molecule." Leishmania Current Biology and Control. Norfolk, UK.: Caister Academic, 2015 Print.

            Suvendra N. Bhattacharyya, June Ghosh, and Sudarshana Basu.


Funded Projects:

1.Principal Investigator of project titled "A comparative analysis of sporadic young onset and late onset rectal cancer from eastern India: miRNA profile of rectal tumours negative for canonical disease markers."

Funding organization: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Grant name: Start-Up Research Grant (SERB-SRG)

2. Principal Investigator of project titled “Evaluation of the prevalence and prognostic implication of different Consensus Molecular Subtypes of Colorectal tumours in an Eastern India Cohort: A prospective, longitudinal, observational study”

Funding organization: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Grant Name: ICMR Ad-Hoc Grant