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Leukemia is a life threatening disease. There are several Symptoms of Leukemia that you should notice closely.

Those include:

  • Anemia related symptoms like fatigue, feeling of illness and pallor.
  • Susceptible to bruising and bleeding easily from nose, gums, urine and stool.
  • Tendency to infections like bronchial pneumonia, sore throat accompanied by headache, skin rash and low grade fever.
  • Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss.
  • Distinct swollen lymph nodes ( usually in the neck, groin and armpit locations)
  • Sudden and acute discomfort in the left lower ribs (caused from swollen spleen)
  • Extremely high count of white blood cells ( this could result in retinal hemorrhage, tinnitus, priapism, frequent mood alterations and even stroke)

Keep in mind that the Symptoms of Leukemia do not become so obvious in the early stages. But, with time they become more prominent.

You should seek medical help regarding leukemia if –
  • You are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above and cannot explain the reason for their occurrence. Conduct a blood cell count test is necessary.
  • The patient is in remission from leukemia and is exhibiting recurring signs of it. Some of the symptoms might be infection or easy bleeding. It is recommended to have a follow up examination on short notice.
  • You are experiencing unexplained bleeding see here and high fever. Under such circumstances you might need emergency Treatment for Leukemia (acute cases).

And, what ever you do, never delay in seeking immediate medical attention. Leukemia can be life threatening but, it is treatable nonetheless!