NCRI HOSPITAL | Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital
3081, Nayabad, Kolkata-700094



Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Hospital is the State of the Art Centre for Peritoneal cancers. This is the first centre to start PIPAC services in eastern India. Our team of surgeons are pioneers in the field. They have vast experience in performing complex cancer surgeries. This team performs over 400-500 major cancer surgeries per year. Laparoscopic Abdominal cancer surgery is another area of expertise of this team.

HIPEC along with CRS (Cytoreductive Surgery) is the only curative option of many abdominal cancers like ovary, appendix,Pseudomyxomaperitonei, Mesothelioma, ca stomach ,ca colon etc. When the disease spreads into peritoneum it indicates bad prognosis. With Cyto Reductive Surgery all the visible cancer cells are taken out then heated chemotherapy is directly given into abdomen (HIPEC) . Since the chemotherapy is given directly into the target area, the effect is higher and side effects are less.

PIPAC ( PRESSURIZED INTRAPERITONEAL AEROSOL CHEMOTHERAPY) is a procedure where aerosolized chemotherapy is directly injected into abdomen via a high pressure injector. Cancers (from ovary,colon,appendix,stomach) which spread into peritoneum( a membrane which covers inside of abdomen) usually have poor prognosis. Chance of five year survival is almost nil. When the peritoneal spread is high,patients usually die in few months. No fruitful treatment was available for the peritoneal malignancy with high disease load.