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Battling with Breast Cancer isn’t easy!
With every 4 minutes, a female is diagnosed with it across the world. So, yes, it is scary. But, all of it can be avoided if you go for Breast Cancer Diagnosis in the preliminary stages. If you are wondering how early prognosis can be lifesaving, follow the tips mentioned below.

Self-examination Starts from Home!

Before you visit an oncologist, self-examination on the first warning signs, is the best way to diagnose whether you have possibilities of breast cancer.

Some of the clearing signs that you can look for –

Lump in the soft tissues of breast which can easily be recognised by pressing the areola. If there is any visible bump with or without pain while pressing accompanied with skin change – it’s time you pay a visit to a Cancer Diagnostic Centre in Kolkata.

If you find any discharge from the nipple and the pain areas, then it could be a sign of early stages of breast cancer.

So, how to proceed from here on?

When you hit the age of 40 you should undergo a routine examination procedure from a reputed health care provider. As the risk of breast cancer increases around the age of 45 (average), undergo mammogram test at least once a year. If your family has a previous history of breast or ovarian cancer, you should be cautious from the age of 30-35 years.

It is also encouraged to stay aware of the Breast Cancer facts by consulting a reliable oncologist from your preferred clinic. This will prep you up when difficult times arise!

And, lastly, improve the quality of life to stop its occurrence in the first place.