NCRI, with a multi-disciplinary and super specialty approach among cancer care, basic research and education on cancer and blood disorder, intends to provide the greatest hope to the cancer patients and the general population of Eastern India

NCRI believes that the modern cancer research, intensive and extensive educational efforts regarding prevention, detection, treatment and palliation in the field of cancer will improve the quality of life of all those who suffer from it.

NCRI believes that with other cancer organisations, research laboratories and pharma-research establishments will bring a better tomorrow.

NCRI is dedicated to:

  • Simple, effective and targeted awareness programmes for prevention as well as early detection of cancer , Thalassaemia.

  • Scientific attitude and humane approach to diagnosis and treatment of cancer and Thalassaemia.

  • Value oriented as well as information and skill-intensive educational programmes.

  • Providing hope, sympathy and respect to all those who are terminally ill.