• We have got accreditation from West Bengal University of Health Science, Govt. of West Bengal for PhD in Cancer and Thalassaemia Research from June -2011 Session . All interested candidates are requested to  contact with our HOD, Research & Development for PhD Programme . The rules for  admission will be followed according to norms and guidelines of West Bengal University of Health Science, Govt. of West Bengal . Total no of intake in PhD is  : 06 Nos ( six).

  • We are affiliated to the Jadavpur University for PhD programme since the year 2018.

In our present Research and Development Division we are doing basic research work on Cancer and Thalasaemia in the field :

 Application of Flowcytometry in Leukemia

  • Mutation Study in Thalassaemia

  • Study of brca gene in Breast Cancer

  • Cancer Stem Cell in Breast Cancer

  • Cervical and Breast Cancer

  • Effects of Wheat grass juice in Blood Disorder.

  • Cell Culture, FISH, Karyotyping, Different Bio Markers etc

  • Role of few active ingredients on different types of cancer.

We have a keen interest to work in another field of Cancer i.e; GI, Colorectral, Leukemia, Head & Neck etc. We are interested in joint and collaborative works also.