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Your Meals

Good food is important in the treatment of the patients and is a part of total patient care.

The catering or dietary services of the hospital are perhaps one of the very important as being an image of the institution. Its basic concept is to provide nutritious, healthy and hygienic food for the patient. It’s well said, “Good food has Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative value”.  It enhances the immunity of the person by providing daily requirement of nutrients to the body therefore healthy eating habits go a long way in ensuring healthy life.

Dietary department of the hospital is one of the support services, which cater to the dietary needs of the patients and staff working in the hospital. It is headed by three Dieticians. The dietary department ensures that patients are provided well-balanced nutritious diet. As per policy only vegetarian diet is provided in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre.

The dietary department is located on the Ground floor B block of the hospital. Special care is taken to maintain proper hygienic conditions to avoid infection to the patients. The kitchen staff is given special training for various therapeutic diets that are served to the patient and about how to maintain food hygiene in the hospital.

The dietician is responsible for the food of the patients. Cyclic menus are followed according to the seasonal vegetables in the hospital for the patients. Meals are checked and tasted by the Dietician before serving to the patient so as  to ensure quality and hygienic food. Each dish is covered individually and transported in electronically heated trolleys. Daily feedback is taken from the patients by the dietician about the quality and quantity of various foods being served and any modifications are incorporated in the patients menu. Patient’s satisfaction is the foremost priority in the hospital. Depending upon the patient’s requirement, various types of therapeutic diets are prepared like Renal diet, Diabetic diet, Neutropenic diet and Salt restricted diet etc. Special care is taken to customize to the needs of all the patients. The patients are also given diet charts at the time of discharge for the necessary care.

In addition to providing meals for the patient, kitchen provides meals for the staff also. Special dining rooms have been provided for different categories of staff. There is a separate cafeteria for staff and doctors where food is served at concessional rates.