Cancer and Thalassaemia are Preventable if we make awareness among the people. With this idea "Himadri Memorial Cancer Welfare Trust"  has different types of social activities in different districts of West Bengal as well as neighboring states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa , Sikkim. Twice / Thrice in every month we arrange awareness camps for cancer detection and screening and Thalassaemia carrier Awareness and detection in the remote areas like Sundarban, Gangasagar , Mathurapur, Toto Para, Jaldapara forest, Tea garden in Jalpaiguri District, Remote villages in Birbhum  Purba Midnapur, Paschim Midnapur,  Malda, Murshidabad and rural areas of different districts like Kolkata, Nadia, Howrah , Burdwan, 24 PGs(N), 24 PGS(S) etc. of West Bengal . Last year we have screened 12,000 people for cancer detection among which 932 people were detected positive and guided for the treatment in those awareness Camps. We have screened 4500 school students  and marriageable male , Female for Thalassaemia Carrier Detection from which 460 were detected as Thalassaemia Carrier.

For this type of cancer Screening , Detection and Thalassaemia carrier screening and Detection Camp, local NGO , Club and philanthropic organization will help us generously. We always entertain the local bodies to organize these social awareness camp and we will make it free of cost including test KIT, Transportation, Doctors fees, pathological examinations, awareness materials etc. We will make this in following ways :

  1. Collect Request Letter from Local NGO / Club who are the organizer.

  2. We provide Awareness Leaflet , Banners, CD.

  3. We make awareness Presentation by our LCD / Laptop Slide Presentation  or Video.

  4. Thalassaemia Carrier Screening by NESTROFT Method ( in the Camp site).

  5. Cancer Screening by Oncologists and Trained Nursing Staff.

  6. Detected and suspected cases are referred to either Tertiary Centre or our Institute.

  7. Reports are delivered to the Local NGO / Club after 3 to 4 weeks.